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If you are learning a new language for fun or for an GCSE examination a key component is learning the  vocabulary. Dr. Wood's Language Learning Emporium provides you with simple, entertaining games that allows you to extend your vocabulary 10 words at a time


For students studying for GCSE languages we have included comprehensive coverage of all the topics from the AQA specification to help you learn and revise.

Did you know that it is estimated that the first 300 words in any language make up 65% of word usage?

In the games our clever algorithms make sure that you learn the most common (useful) words first.

So whether you are studying for a GCSE language  or planning a holiday in a European country these games are for you.

Unlike other online resources at Dr. Wood's Language Learning Emporium there are:

  • No limited features
  • No learning complicated game rules! (you are learning a language not learning how to play games)
  • No registration
  • No personal data required
  • No cookies
  • No in-game purchases
  • No in-game adverts (we rely on a very small number of adverts before the game to keep the service free)
  • No login required
  • No charge to access advanced learning
  • No pop-ups

All are games are:

  • Completely free to play

Play in you coffee break, your lunch break, in-between classes or waiting for the bus.

Play for a few minutes or an few hours knowing that each time you play you are learning and extending your vocabulary. All are games are easy and intuitive to play, no understanding lengthy instructions before you start.

Play on a computer, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone (in landscape).

Playing these game will help you master the vocabulary of your chosen language.

Please scroll down to find the games for the language you wish to learn or your school:


More languages coming soon.

Teachers may be interested in creating their own versions of the games. For example the next class maybe based on "Going Shopping" so a game is needed that contains only words that are useful when shopping.

At Dr. Wood's Language Learning Emporium we offer a free service to create bespoke games for your classes. Simply email the words you want to include along with the school name and the an identification for the the class and we'll do the rest The game will appear in the Emporium within a few days.

For further help please email me:
and I'll try to answer your queries.