Games to Support Student's Revising for

Information Technology CSEC Examinations

The recommend book to support your learning and the playing of these games is:

'Information Technology for CSEC Examinations 3rd Edition'


Alan Wood & Howard Campbell

Published by Macmillan Caribbean

These games have been created to supplement revision of the CXC, CSEC Information Technology examination 2020 and onwards.

The first game places you in the role of Information Technology Manager at Caribbean Travel Services. The game follows the order of the book and the syllabus so you can play as you progress through your IT course.

This is and HTML game so and can be run in any web browser. It was created using Squiffy, available for free download from


'A day in the Life of the Caribbean Travel Services IT Manager'

The second set of games test your knowledge and understanding of key IT terms need for the examination.
There is a game for each chapter in the book so you can play as you progress through your IT course.
The aim of the games is simple eliminate the computer bugs by selecting the bug that matches the definition.

These are HTML and javascript games and can be run in any modern web browser.


Chapter One Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Two Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Three Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Four Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Five Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Six Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Seven Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Eight Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Nine Bug Elimination Game.

Chapter Ten Bug Elimination Game.

Have fun an learn.

If you want to run these games offline or just study the source code download the source code zip file.

If you are interested in learning how this game was developed we have create 12 simple games that introduce the ideas needed for programming games in HTML and javascript. Students studying for CXC, CSEC Information Technology should be able to use the source code as a starting point for creating their own HTML and javascript games.

The final game, Game 1, can be used by new computer users to practice their mouse skills.

Play the final game

Game 12

To see the steps involved in developing this game start at

Game 1

We have fully commented the HTML and javascript programs so that teachers and enthusiastic students can look at the source code and modify it to create their own games.

The images we used are
Butterfly1     Butterfly2     bugeliminated
You can use your Web Browsers 'Save Image As' feature to make copies on these images or create your own.

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